COVID-19 Cases In Selected Hospitals of CEBUDOC Group from March 2020 to March 2021


  • Emmalyn Cutamora Cebu Doctors' University
  • Cris Bon C. Sabugal Cebu Doctors' University
  • Devie Elis M. Anonas Cebu Doctors' University
  • Jean Shelou M. Maga Cebu Doctors' University
  • Prince Myrielle B. Leornas Cebu Doctors' University
  • Queeny Beb B. Rendon Cebu Doctors' University


Comorbidity, COVID-19 cases, CebuDoc Group, demographic profile


This study determines the number of COVID-19 cases in the three selected tertiary hospitals of the CebuDoc Group. Results showed that most of the patients confined in the three tertiary hospitals were aged 60-69 (21.7%), the majority of them were males (55.3%) and patients admitted in these three  hospitals did not have comorbidities (67.9%). For those who had comorbidities, the most common were cardiovascular disease (42.24%), followed by systemic disease (30.53%) and renal disease (15.39%). In Cebu Doctors University Hospital (CDUH), March 2021 had the most number recorded with 155 cases. In Mactan Doctors Hospital (MDH), July 2020 had the most number recorded with 55 cases, while in North General Hospital (NGH), February 2021 had the most number with 69 COVID-19 cases. Overall, there were 760 COVID-19 cases in the three selected hospitals in the CebuDoc Group from March 2020 to March 2021.


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