Editorial Policy

Review and Acceptance

The manuscripts undergo a double-blind review system with at least one external and one internal reviewer. The reviewers are chosen based on their field of expertise and relevant publications in refereed journals. Research articles are considered based on a standard editorial process that provides authors with detailed comments from the reviewers and the editor. Editorial decisions include: (a) Accepted with recommendation for publication: Minor corrections may be present; (b) Revise and resubmit: The article needs to be revised and resubmitted for another round of review; (c) Declined: The article does not merit publication.

In the double-blind peer review process, the internal peer reviewer provides feedback on every manuscript section. After an initial review decision has been made, the accepted manuscript is revised as follows:

  1. The Technical Editor sends the comments made by the internal peer reviewer to the corresponding author. The author should carry out the recommendations and resubmit within the deadline provided. 
  2. The Technical Editor sends a review request to the Editorial Specialist and the external peer reviewer.
  3. Once approved, the article undergoes in-text citation review. 
  4. The Managing Editor reviews the manuscript.
  5. The Editor-in-Chief does a final review of the manuscript and approves the manuscript for online and print publication. 

The corresponding author will receive an email notification that the submitted manuscript will proceed for publication.